The political campaign of End Citizens United

During August 2015 many political action groups were formed. However, the End Citizens United group was one of the more prominent ones. This particular political action group came together to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court made, namely “Citizens United”. The goal of the End Citizens United was the passing of a constitutional amendment. Over 4 000 people signed the petition for the constitutional amendment and the political action group raised over 26 million dollars. The political action group also announced publicly that it supports eleven Democratic candidates. Political action groups tend to seem very similar in the public eye and that they have almost no differences between one another. So why is End Citizens United seen as different from the rest? Communications director Richard Carbo recently stated that the group stands out because of the type of democratic candidates it endorses. End Citizens United supports candidates that both contribute to the group’s financial campaign and stand against the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. The political action group also endorses candidates that have been attacked by dark money groups. The End Citizens United political action group has the plan of setting up an avenue through which they can support the candidates they endorse by creating an independent promotion through emails, post mail, television adds, magazine and newspaper inserts and so on.


The public usually has divided opinions about political action groups. Many view them as bland and believe the maximum that if you have seen one of them, then you have seen all of them. Communications director Richard Carbo, however, readily argues against those opinions. While America hasn’t passed a constitutional amendment since 1992 and many believe it is highly unlikely for that to happen again shortly, there are those who believe that if the political action group raises enough for its financial campaign and also attracts enough supporters, then a new amendment can be passed. But even if the End Citizens United do not manage to achieve their goal and reverse the decision of the Supreme Court, the political group still plays a very important role in America’s political balance. Groups like End Citizens United serve as a connection bridge between the wide public of America and the Supreme Court. Both the public and the Supreme Court are vital institutions for the United States of America. Groups like End Citizens United serve as a reminder for the Supreme Court that better decisions need to be made to satisfy the wide public of America. That way the country will move forward, and there will be established a healthy dialogue between two of its most vital parts. The public and the highest commanding powers require that in every country.

How Does Wen By Chaz Help Women With Their Hair?

Wen by Chaz is the perfect hair solution for any woman who needs treatment for her hair. Hair that us unruly and does not cooperate must be shampooed with a product that will help tame it, and that is why Wen by Chaz is a good choice. Women may find the bottle quite helpful as they wash their hair every morning, and they will appreciate the simplicity of a product that requires little to no effort to use. This article will explain how a woman may take her hair back with Wen by Chaz.

#1: What Is The Wen By Chaz Difference?

Wen hair was created to help women with hair that sheds, remains stringy and does not style well. Every woman has her own horror stories of dealing with her problem hair, and she finds her hair looks better after treatment from Wen by Chaz. A small amount is needed to get a result from the shampoo, and it provides every user with the comfort of its incredible mixture of minerals and nutrients.

#2: How Do Women Use Wen By Chaz?

Every woman who uses Wen by Chaz will notice there is a small amount recommended on the package. It’s takes such a tiny amount to use it that any woman may wash her hair thoroughly. There is no need to use too much shampoo, and women will see results in days after their first treatment.

A woman who has committed time and energy to her hair will find Wen by Chaz is quite helpful in curing all her ills. She needs a shampoo that will make her feel as though she may style her hair, and she may purchase the bottles online to be shipped to her home. Tackling tangled hair is simpler with a proper shampoo from Wen by Chaz.

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