Karl Heideck, Leading Litigation Expert In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck is a leading litigator in PhiladelphiaLitigation can be a drawn out process. The first part of the lawsuit is the pleadings. Each side files initial paperwork, known as “pleadings.” These documents explain each side of the dispute.

Litigation begins with the plaintiff delivering a complaint to the court and to the defendant. The complaint spells out what the defendant did that caused harm to the plaintiff and the legal basis for holding him responsible.

The defendant is allowed to “answer” the complaint, in which he has the opportunity to file counter-claims against the plaintiff. The defendant sometimes responds by filing a reply. After the parties have completed the complaint, answer, and any reply, the court will have defined the issues for resolution.

The next step in litigation is Discovery, it’s the method which both sides gather relevant information from each other or other parties. Research, witness interviews and documents help lawyers assess the strength of claims and defenses. Once both sides have seen everything relevant to the case, it now heads to trial.

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Once at trial, both sides present evidence in support of their claims or defenses to a jury and/or judge. Some trials may not involve a jury and be decided by the judge alone. After the jury and/or judge reaches a verdict, either side may challenge it, through the filing of an appeal. During an appeal, either side asks a higher court to review the trial court proceeding.

Karl Heideck is a leading attorney in the Philadelphia area. He is skilled in commercial litigation and has been practicing for over 10 years. Karl Heideck graduated from Tempe University’s School of Law. He has hands on experience of the whole litigation process.

Karl Heideck is board certified and licensed in Philadelphia, practicing general law which includes a variety of law specialties including business, real estate, criminal and insurance. He continues to be a rising star within his state.

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