How Fabletics Uses the Reverse Showroom Technique to Satisfy Customers

Fabletics is all the craze in the fashion industry. Although Amazon has traditionally had a monopoly over fashion online, Fabletics is now breaking into the fashion industry and is making big waves. It is using new and smart strategies which are attracting customers and helping it grow into something big. The reverse showroom technique is one of the best cases in point.


As you may have heard or read, many physical stores are suffering become of internet commerce. People often visit stores to try out new clothing, but they do not end up buying there. Instead, they look for the clothes they liked online and find cheaper deals. Fabletics, however, has came up with an ingenious solution to this problem, one that makes the showroom technique into an asset. In essence, what they are doing is a reverse showroom technique.


Customers often come into the store to buy things. However, Fabletics has an online party and an offline part. In their offline stores, customers can buy things and sync their purchases with their online shopping carts. So, first of all, around a third of all customers who come to Fabletics stores are already online members. Around a quarter of all customers who come to Fabletics stores become online members in the store. Customers can pick up their clothing there and then, or they can purchase it through their online cart. Whatever they pick in the offline store is automatically added to their online cart. For Fabletics, it is not important that the customer actually buy in their store as opposed to online. They just want to make their customers happy.


Kate Hudson is a famous actress who endorses Fabletics. When the founders of Fabletics came up with their idea for the company, they immediately knew that Kate Hudson was the one who can help them out. They reached out to her to help represent the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson gave Fabletics some ideas and helped them improve. She helped them improve their communication with their customers. Within a short time, with Kate Hudson’s help, Fabletics received a top rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Kate Hudson is also the one who gave Fabletics the idea to team up with Techstyle Fashion Group. She knew that it was not a good idea to do everything alone. She knew teaming up with a company that had the resources and experience was the best way to get on the road to success.