Finding the right Beneful product at Walmart

Walmart offers a wide variety of dog foods and dog treats. Purina Beneful is a popular brand of dog food that Walmart carries at an affordable price. Beneful is known for its natural and wholesome ingredients which include real chicken, beef and fish along with hearty vegetables and whole grains. Their dry dog food ranges from $13.00 – $27.00 depending on the size of the bag and the kind of dog food. Walmart offers Beneful Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy and Original formulas. They have a dog food made for every breed and ensure that it’s packed with vitamins that are necessary for their essential health and growth. You can find the Beneful dog food in the pet aisle along with an assortment of treats and wet dog food. Watch for coupons and rollbacks throughout the year so you can take advantage of their discounts along with their already low prices and learn more about Beneful.