Glen Wakeman is Taking the Business World to New Heights

Glen Wakeman happens to be known for being the CEO for LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This happens to be a SAAS company that he helped to Co find in 2015. The company to this day still remains to be one of the biggest points of his whole career.


Wakeman was able to first begin his career after he graduated from the University of Scranton with his BS in Economics and Finance, in 1981. He then, in 1993, attended the University of Chicago, where he managed to obtain his MBA in Finance. After having achieved both of his degrees Wakeman was finally ready to venture out into the business world and finally start his career path.


Though his career path did not stop there (TheNewsVersion). He went on to find Nova Four and was able to be noticed by the Board of Directors for his Growth Leadership role model, which he had become.


Glen Wakeman has been able to help numerous businesses within his career, including $15billion in assets and 17,000 staff members. All of his help helped the businesses grow and see more success. With all the businesses that he works with, he tries his hardest to implement his 5 key performance areas that include: governance, execution, leadership, human capital and also risk management.


He has amazingly been able to share numerous amounts of his insights of being an investor and writer through having his regular blog post. Some of his top subjects that he likes to blog about include global affairs, business transformation, leadership and emerging markets ( Along with all of these topics, he is also able to provide advice on angel financing, strategy, and capital raising. Wakeman proudly mentors several C-level executives and is also able to be an advisor to start-ups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Throughout his career, he has been lucky enough to have lived in more than six countries and has been responsible for the operations of over 30 regions worldwide.

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