Jorge Moll: Understanding Brain and Morality

In Brazil, scientists are trying to figure out how the brain correlates with morality. Morality is embedded in each person, and it can range from showing mercy or being happy for other people. Neuroscientists working with Jorge Moll now understand the nature of morality, and their research was unveiled to the public for the first time ( These studies were later published in scientific journals and were shared among the top neuroscientists around the world. According to the study, the brain has a unique architectural design and there is a specialized location on the brain that focuses on morality. In this location, the brain produces a number of values that determine a person’s morality, and these values are predetermined by the society, and most of the time, it is genetically transferred.


Jorge Moll explains that the values created by the brain are predetermined by the environment where an individual lives. This is the reason why people who share the same religion, organization, or family tend to have the same level of morality. The topic of morality is very complex, and it stems from the evolutionary traits that transformed over millions of years, and it involves not only emotion but also social concepts and the society’s perception of the things around them.


Neuroscientists working with Jorge Moll discovered the complex architecture of morality by using some tools like magnetic resonance ( This tool measures the brains activity, and they are trying to record the values produced by the brain of an individual which is being exposed to different environment and activities. They managed to get dozens of volunteer for the research, and the study was conducted within several weeks. The result of the study amazed the neuroscientists because it is the first time in the history of mankind that morality has been understood more.


In the past, scientists are trying to understand morality by studying and observing psychopaths and their actions. However, because of this new breakthrough, morality has been understood greatly, and Jorge Moll is happy that it can now be explained scientifically why people are experiencing this phenomenon. Jorge Moll continues to study the different traits found in humans, hoping that they can unlock the remaining secrets of the human body that is puzzling scientists for years.


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