Bruno Fagali Is Among The Most Competent Lawyers In Brazil

Being a certified lawyer is quite difficult in any country. On top of the year’s great input and hard work that is necessary for him to become a qualified lawyer. There are several temptations that could comprise each and every one’s ethical standing as an attorney. As result, the Integrity Lawyers are very few.

Bruno Fagali is among such certified lawyers in Brazil. Over the course of his profession. Bruno Fagali has developed an iconic reputation for himself since he upholds integrity and his ethical responsibilities. Bruno Fagali is also very versatile, he portrays a comprehensive detailed understanding of corporate law as well as administrative law.

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Bruno Fagali became passionate towards law at quite an early age. As a result, when the time was ripe for him to adjourn with his undergraduate degree, he decided to join the Pontiace catholic university so as to pursue a degree in law. This university is based in Sao Paulo. A few years later after practicing as a lawyer, he went back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree in law in the areas of Administrative, State as well as Anti-Corruption Law from Sao Paulo University. As he tackled the two degrees, Bruno Fagali also participated in many different certificate courses. Aimed at boosting his understanding of various facets of law. These certificate courses were offered by the Institutions such as the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista as well as the Brazilian Society of Public Law.

Bruno Fagali has proceeded to make quite a good achievement in his career profession following his credible academic background. First and foremost, he started an internship at Texeira, Tojal, Serrano, Ferraira as well as Renault Associates. Before shifting to Calil, Radi, as well as the Associados Advocacia. He managed to gain credible experience from these two law firms which offered him the business acumen and the industrial knowledge that he required becoming the Nova/sb Corporate Integrity Manager. It was a while later that Bruno Fagali decided to exploit his knowledge and experience. As a result, he decided to venture out on his own and established Fagali Advocacy. As we talk, Fagali advocacy is among the fastest growing law firms in Brazil.

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