Betsy DeVos Wants Education More Accessible to all the Classes

I observe that Betsy DeVos has not changed her mind after assuming the role of Secretary of Education of the country – something different considering the present day political scenario. During her education activism days, she was the major proponent of high-quality education for all, irrespective of the classes. Her recent acts remind me the same impression that she works for the advancement of all the American children equally. It was highly visible when Trump Administration brought the plan to withdraw the protective measures given to transgender children in February 2017. DeVos opposed the move as she felt the policy is not representing her beliefs and thoughts. But, the guideline to remove the protection measures forwarded to the public schools by the Trump Administration.


However, DeVos made a note added to the statement that recognized the diversity of American students and assured the responsibility to protect it. Though the protective measure has been repealed, Betsy instructed the Office for Civil Rights under the Education Department to monitor any discrimination, harassment, or bullying against any vulnerable communities in the American schools. It gave a great relief to the disadvantaged community in the schools. It also reminded me that Betsy is more thoughtful and caring about the students and concerned about the discrimination in education and opportunities. A source close to her told that the repeal of Trump Administration was something DeVos never wanted to do but was asked to sign by Trump and Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General.


During the meeting with Donald Trump, DeVos reminded the President that both were promised to protect all the American students, irrespective of the classes. Since the President makes decisions, Betsy included the additional language in the letter directly targeting any discrimination found with the repeal of the guidance. Another source confirmed that she looked for options where the transgender students take the benefits of the previous guidance without repealing it. It also added that Betsy decided to consult with the stakeholders on the matter and expected to solve it in favor of transgender students.


Betsy has over 35 years of education activism efforts and collaborated with various philanthropic initiatives. She supplied both her money and time for the initiatives and spearheaded a number education-centric activities to improve the total quality of education. Betsy and Dick DeVos, her husband and a prominent entrepreneur, contributed $140 million to various charity groups by the end of 2015. The DeVos family is regarded as of the biggest contributors of the United States and even included in the Forbes largest contributors for the year 2014. Betsy has served on the boards of a number of philanthropic initiatives and educational institutes. She served as the Chairwomen of a Grand Rapids-based investment management firm named The Windquest Group.


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