Daniel Taub – article recap

Daniel Taub is now the former Ambassador for Israel to the Court of St. James, and currently the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Prior to his historic exit from his post, Mr. Taub discussed his career as well as more personal aspects of his life with the Manchester City Fan. Throughout his tenure as the Israeli Ambassador, Daniel Taub made a habit out of restoring the relationship between the two nations, while gaining an immense level of popularity amongst his friends and opposer’s alike. He is notorious for his sharp appearance, as well as his witty personality, and as he prepares to leave the post that has brought so much to him, as well as the two nations that he represents, he looks back with a smile.

Throughout his career, Mr. Taub has made an effort to stay away from harping on the past. It was his ability to remain in a constant state of forward-thought, that attributed significantly to success. Although this was the case, Mr. Taub reflected on the many exploits of his career, believing that he and his staff were able to make significant progress that far exceeded his initial expectations. Amongst one of Mr. Taub’s chief victories during his term, was his ability to created Israeli information centers in Scotland and Wales. This was incredibly helpful in helping to fight the anti-Semitism that has traditionally been a major problem throughout Europe. In addition to creating information centers in Scotland and Wales, Mr. Taub was also instrumental in expanding the Israeli information centers that already existed in Manchester.

An avid reader, Daniel Taub regards reading as an essential factor in developing one’s character, as well as having a successful career filled with longevity. After being recently asked to lecture on the history of Israel in English literature, Mr. Taub decided to revisit several of his favorite classic works in order to brush up on the topics to be discussed. Throughout his career, Mr. Taub also learned to make use of conversations with friends, as well as those to be had with direct opposers of his cause. Due to the many things that he has learned during those conversations, he has created new relationships that he hope will continue to be fruitful for the remainder of his career and beyond. This is a prime factor in helping Mr. Taub to remain, what he considers to of major importance, multidimensional. Learn more: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/




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