Elysium Health Unveils Cutting-Edge Supplement to Promote Cellular Health

Elysium Health, the company founded by MIT aging researcher Leonard Guarente, is going above and beyond as a nutritional supplement company. The company, which includes over 30 of the world’s leading scientists behind it, has brought to market the first nutritional supplement that addresses a key component of cellular health. This approach of going after the most fundamental factors in overall human health is the product of a company that has set out to revolutionize the supplement industry through products founded in science.

How It Works

Unlike most other nutritional supplements, which try to address high-level areas of health, such as the building of muscle mass or the improvement of liver function, Elysium Health‘s first product, Basis, goes after one of the most fundamental processes in any living organism: cellular respiration. So fundamental is this process to life that it is shared by all living organisms. Even prokaryotic bacteria undergo cellular respiration in much the same way that it occurs in a human neuron or bone marrow cell.

The key insight upon which Basis was created is the fact that cellular health is strongly correlated with the aging process. As people age, their levels of a key factor in cellular respiration, known as NAD+, can decrease significantly. By the age of 80, many people will have much lower levels of NAD+ than they had when they were 20. Thus, the processes in which NAD+ is present can be negatively affected by these lower levels of the compound, resulting in less than optimal cellular health.

Elysium’s product, Basis, has been formulated with molecular precursors to the NAD+ molecule. Elysium Health conducted thorough testing on the supplement to ensure its safety and efficacy. In fact, Elysium funded a clinical trial to prove the efficacy of Basis, and the results spoke for themselves. Participants that took Basis over a four-week period experienced increased of up to 40% in their NAD+ levels. These increases were sustained as the participants continued taking the supplement. This research was published in a leading peer-reviewed journal on the science of aging.

Basis is Elysium’s sole product at this time—though Elysium does have other products on the horizon—and is available on the company’s website. There are many subscription options available to allow consumers to pick what best suits them.

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