Whitney Wolfe Herd is Powerful, Fearless, and a Leader

Heros come in all different shapes and sizes. When we think of heroes, we think of those who make grand gestures like saving hundreds of people, donating millions to charity, and putting their lives in danger. There are actually millions of other heroes who make smaller, more subtle gestures. Those gestures, however, still make a huge impact in many people’s lives. Whitney Wolfe Herd is a hero among woman. Whitney Wolfe Herd has singlehandedly changed the way dating works, taking the power away from men and putting it into the hands of women.

Whitney Wolfe Herd accomplished this by creating a dating app which is now the fastest-growing and most downloaded app when it comes to forging relationships. This app has been gaining popularity among women because it gives them the power. A man can’t talk to a woman on this app unless the woman contacts him first. Whitney Wolfe Herd has come up with this because she herself has been the subject of unwanted advances from men. Although Whitney Wolfe Herd’s dating days are over, she’s now married to Michael Herd, she remembers what it was like. She wants women to feel comfortable and safe. Her role in changing dating dynamics is what landed her on the cover of Forbes magazine as part of the 30 under 30 class. Forbes 30 under 30 recognizes people are revolutionizing different industries. One of the best parts about Whitney Wolfe Herd is that she will never abandon her app. Forbes stated that Whitney turned down a huge offer from the Match Group. Women all oversaw this is a moment of empowerment and trust. Whitney could have made a huge profit but instead she remained true to what Bumble is all about.

Bumble continues to grow. Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz are both spin-offs of the main Bumble app. They help women form friendships and work connections. Bumble’s staff is primarily made up of women. The office is nestled in Austin, Texas and it’s bright, colorful, and fun. Bumble only has 70 employees and all of them care passionately about women and women’s rights. That’s why they work every day to make sure that Bumble is growing and expand. As for Whitney Wolfe Herd herself, she has her hands’ full. She recently got married in an absolutely gorgeous ceremony, surrounded by her friends and family. She tied the knot to Michael Herd in southern Italy and more