Desiree Perez COntinues To Prove A Success For RocNation

Mention the RocNation brand to any music or entertainment expert and they will probably first mention the founder of the label, rapper Jay-Z. Dig a little deeper and one name keeps on being mentioned as the reason for the success of the label, Desiree Perez; the Chief Operating Officer of the brand has spent much of her career working with Jay-Z since joining his SC Enterprises company over two decades ago and fulfilling a number of important executive roles which have kept her at the heart of the music, sport, and wider entertainment world throughout this time.

Empowering women to achieve as much as possible has become a major part of the life and career of Desiree Perez as she has played a pivotal role in developing many of the artists signed to RocNation. The label is home to many strong, independent women who have the ability to bring further success to their own careers and the RocNation label; the influence of Desiree Perez on the careers of many artists is easy to spot including her influential work on many aspects of the careers of Beyonce and Rihanna, and

Rihanna’s career is perhaps the one which has benefitted the most from the work of Desiree Perez who has quickly become one of the closest allies and confidant’s of the singer, model, and actress who has seen her career revitalized by the input and influence of Desiree Perez who has done much more than simply create a better business climate for the singer to work in. The $25 million deal signed with Samsung to sponsor the “Anti” tour of Rihanna may be a business highpoint but the ability of Desiree Perez to identify the latest music and fashion trends has given her the opportunity to build a new period of success for the entertainment icon and the RocNation label, and read full article.

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