Securus Technologies Helping Restore Order to Prisons

Over the last decade of working as a guard in a local state prison, I have seen violence escalate so fast that today officers are at a huge disadvantage when they arrive to work. Prison gangs and overcrowded conditions have made it so dangerous that officers have been searching for resources that can curb crime at the source and try to restore a degree of order in these facilities. This year, our prison was in contact with Securus Technologies, and we have seen crime actually decrease in the few months we have made use of our new resource.


The reason we reached out to Securus Technologies was because we were utilizing too many officers each day to listen to the inmates on the jail phones. These officers could be used for other issues, but they were stuck in a room listening to the inmates on the phones and trying to identify any conversations that could be considered a potential threat to anyone inside the prison. Securus Technologies developed a call monitoring system that would not only free up that valuable manpower, it could scan the calls more accurately and quickly alert us to potential dangerous situations before they happened.


Securus Technologies is based out of the great state of Texas, currently employees a thousand workers, and already has their monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails around this country. The LBS software is the key to the puzzle we have been searching for. Now my full team of officers can search inmates in the visitor center, do cell inspections, and monitor yard activity, while the software is checking calls for any potential trouble. If an inmate is heard talking about drugs, weapons, or anything illegal, we get an instant alert and put a team on it to eliminate any potential threat immediately.


Orange Coast College Rowing Team

Few objective viewers can understand the stamina, power, and grace that it takes to be on a rowing team. Each and every stroke requires exact precision or everything can be set off balance.


From the group of rowers that are students at the Orange Coast College, one of them shouts out a motivating and adrenaline-fueled, “2017 Nationals, yeah!” Learn more:


As a Los Alamitos High School graduate and former rower, Daniel Amado, a 22 year old captain of the novice team, says that, “Rowing makes you strong enough to bounce back. It teaches you physical and mental skills that allow you to overcome anything”. Amado had once broken a disc in his back and only recently was able to return to rowing.


The men’s assistant coach of the Orange Coast College’s rowing team, Steve Morris, is out the door at 5:30 a.m. to begin the drive to practice, which begins at 6:30, but he likes to get there early. For years, Morris had stepped away from the rowing scene to devote time to family, but now after a compromise he can return to the sport he loves.


Morris says on the beauty and art of rowing that, “It’s the aesthetic. On a nice, calm morning the boats glide along, each person doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. If they’re off even by a hair, it disrupts the rhythm”. Learn more:


Morris had been the coxswain on his rowing team back when he was a student at Orange Coast College, or OCC.


During the course of this weekend, OCC will compete against almost 40 schools, and in the main event, the boats will have to cover 2,000 meters in about six minutes. It is not unheard of for some of the rowers to collapse afterwards, having given it their all.


In 1947, Orange Coast College, or OCC, was founded as a community college; their aptly applied motto is, “We’ll help you get there”. It is located in Orange County, California. OCC has many opportunities for sports, and holds the title of alma mater to many professional athletes.


The Mult-Talented Professional: Cassio Audi

His Musical Career

Cassio Audi is a former member of Viper, a Brazilian rock group from the 1980s and 1990s. Audi was the drummer from 1985 to 1989. During his time in the group, they made the following albums: 1987- Soldiers of Sunrise, 1989- Theatre of Fate, and 1985- The Killera Sword. This music group genre includes power metal, heavy metal, alternative rock, and thrash metal. It was mainly through Audi’s tenacity, that the band became the success it did gaining massive airplay and hitting innumerable stages and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.


Where He is Now

After his position in the band, Audi worked on educational pursuits. Cassio Audi earned his bachelor degree from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in Business Administration in 1994. He also earned his master of business administration degree from the Universidade de São Paulo in Finance in 2000.

Audi utilized all his extraordinary skills, drive, passion, and educational attributes that were gained at a young age and polished throughout his work in music to be a key factor for various organizations throughout his career. His style is straightforward, hands-on, action oriented, open, and over delivery. He also never over promise. He has been a managing director and a CFO where his core credentials include resource management, growth strategy development, business planning, analysis, modeling, IPO, M&A, investor relations, fund raising, decision support, controllership, financial management, accounting and more information click here.



Audi has gained a very impressive career for 30+ years now. He is a multi-talented professional and great asset for any company and learn more about Audi.

Finding the right Beneful product at Walmart

Walmart offers a wide variety of dog foods and dog treats. Purina Beneful is a popular brand of dog food that Walmart carries at an affordable price. Beneful is known for its natural and wholesome ingredients which include real chicken, beef and fish along with hearty vegetables and whole grains. Their dry dog food ranges from $13.00 – $27.00 depending on the size of the bag and the kind of dog food. Walmart offers Beneful Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy and Original formulas. They have a dog food made for every breed and ensure that it’s packed with vitamins that are necessary for their essential health and growth. You can find the Beneful dog food in the pet aisle along with an assortment of treats and wet dog food. Watch for coupons and rollbacks throughout the year so you can take advantage of their discounts along with their already low prices and learn more about Beneful.

How Fabletics Uses the Reverse Showroom Technique to Satisfy Customers

Fabletics is all the craze in the fashion industry. Although Amazon has traditionally had a monopoly over fashion online, Fabletics is now breaking into the fashion industry and is making big waves. It is using new and smart strategies which are attracting customers and helping it grow into something big. The reverse showroom technique is one of the best cases in point.


As you may have heard or read, many physical stores are suffering become of internet commerce. People often visit stores to try out new clothing, but they do not end up buying there. Instead, they look for the clothes they liked online and find cheaper deals. Fabletics, however, has came up with an ingenious solution to this problem, one that makes the showroom technique into an asset. In essence, what they are doing is a reverse showroom technique.


Customers often come into the store to buy things. However, Fabletics has an online party and an offline part. In their offline stores, customers can buy things and sync their purchases with their online shopping carts. So, first of all, around a third of all customers who come to Fabletics stores are already online members. Around a quarter of all customers who come to Fabletics stores become online members in the store. Customers can pick up their clothing there and then, or they can purchase it through their online cart. Whatever they pick in the offline store is automatically added to their online cart. For Fabletics, it is not important that the customer actually buy in their store as opposed to online. They just want to make their customers happy.


Kate Hudson is a famous actress who endorses Fabletics. When the founders of Fabletics came up with their idea for the company, they immediately knew that Kate Hudson was the one who can help them out. They reached out to her to help represent the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson gave Fabletics some ideas and helped them improve. She helped them improve their communication with their customers. Within a short time, with Kate Hudson’s help, Fabletics received a top rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Kate Hudson is also the one who gave Fabletics the idea to team up with Techstyle Fashion Group. She knew that it was not a good idea to do everything alone. She knew teaming up with a company that had the resources and experience was the best way to get on the road to success.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Journey With Bradesco And Brazilian Banking Sector

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current President of Bradesco, draws more than four decades of experience in the Brazilian banking industry. Interestingly, all of those years he spent with Bradesco – country’s second largest bank. Trabuco started his career with the banking firm as a clerk and grew up in the ladder to the top of the management. He became the President of the bank in 2009 as the then President of the firm, Cypriano, retired from the position. Before assuming the role, Trabuco was the President of the insurance arm of the company named Bradesco Insurance and Pension Group.

Trabuco received the Insurance Personality of the Year Award 2007 for his role in spreading the positivity in the insurance marketplace. During his initial years with the firm, he mixed his banking area knowledge with insurance and introduced the sale of insurance using the broker channel. Trabuco worked in various sectors of the insurance industry including marketing, operations, customer service, and more. Interestingly, he was an optimistic insurance executive about the industry and used to say that it was an extended arm of the State as it is critical to the social welfare. “I am delighted with the representative contribution present in the sector. I just need the government understanding the importance of insurance in the modern society,” Trabuco said during those days.

Interestingly, the insurance arm of Bradesco was contributing to 40% of the group’s profit, and that helped Trabuco to claim the title of the President. When he was assuming the role, Trabuco was the fourth person holding the top executive position at the firm in its history of 64 years. He understands the goals of a banking sector better and says “we want to give the best work in the towns we serve.” With that mission, Trabuco helped the bank to acquire the Brazilian business of HSBC for $5.2 billion in the third quarter 2015. The deal has helped Bradesco to outperform the largest bank in the country, Itaú Unibanco, in three critical areas: the total number of account holders, volume of investment funds, and the number of branches.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi claimed that the deal helped the bank to achieve what it could have achieved through six years of organic growth. The deal and its importance helped him to claim the Dinheiro Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the financial sector in the year 2015. Trabuco completed his graduation from the University of São Paulo, before starting his banking career in 1969.

Corpse Flower Blooms at Orange Coast College

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but this particular flower lives up to its name. A very rare and pungent flower was in full bloom at Orange Coast College this past weekend and drew a large crowd dying to experience its death-like smell.


The Amorphophallus titanum plant is a rare plant species colloquially known as the Corpse Flower. Its exhibition highlighted the rancid smell of the flower as well as its notable beauty. The native flower of Sumatra, Indonesia is currently considered an endangered plant species.


This was a much-anticipated event ever since the plant first came to the Costa Mesa college in 2006. The staff has affectionately nicknamed the plant Little Dougie even though it stands at an impressive 5 feet and weights over 30 pounds. The nickname is attributed to Doug Bennett, executive director of the OCC Foundation. Some corpse flowers have been known to eventually weigh as much as a full grown man, weighing in at as much as 200 pounds.


Corpse flowers have a reputation for being beautiful, but are more well-known for their eye-watering smell. The odor occurs during pollination when beetles transport pollen between male and female plants after being attracted by the smell. The plant normally blooms in the evening and is a rare and anticipated event because the flower can take as much as a decade to make its first bloom. It is also a bloom of notably short duration, clocking in at about 48 hours.


Orange Coast College is known for its botanical garden and horticultural studies program. They offer certificates in horticulture, garden retrofitting and landscape design. The Horticulture Department boasts seven greenhouses, a fruit tree orchard, a tree arboretum and also uses the entire campus landscape to further its botanical studies. The program serves both those who are seeking gardening knowledge for a hobby as well as those who want to enter the thriving Green Industry. The Corpse Flower exhibit is a shining example of their hard work and the accomplishments of their staff in nurturing an endangered plant species far from its natural habitat.


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Oncotarget: Breaking Down Barriers in Medicine

Finding peer reviewed article can be difficult on the best of days. Unless the researcher know exactly what you are looking for, it can take hours before they find an article that loosely fits their topic. Most people spend more time looking for articles, than they do actually reading and analyzing the articles for their research. Journal databases are great to use, but they often aren’t free. Oncotarget is a free multidisciplinary journal. Oncotarget publishes peer reviewed articles that focus on all aspects of cancer and aging. Researchers can find information on atherosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases and several other aspects of medicine. The publication is currently accepting papers in almost all areas of medicine including: neuroscience, endocrinology, cardiology, metabolism, and cell biology. Oncotarget truly aims to link different areas of medicine, and breakdown those borders between specialities.

Know more:

Since first beginning, Oncotarget has shown steady growth over the years. This rise in popularity is thought to be the result of insightful and constructive peer reviewed research. The journal helps scientist share their scientific research on a larger scale and increase the impact of their research overall. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Oncotarget publishes papers in weekly issues. The papers can be read online or printed on special demand. The goal of this publication is to make scientific research more widely available and to allow scientific discoveries to be shared with greater ease. When doctors and scientists are given the resources to easily receive and spread research, the scientific community is able to progress. The ultimate mission of Oncotarget is to create a disease free world, and with this publication they are well on their way.

A Lifetime of Variety At Manaira Shopping

One of the deciding factors on where to shop is the amount of variety that the shopping center has. Fortunately, at Manaira Shopping, variety is the spice of life. People are going to find variety in everything. It is as if the people that have put together this mall and add to it over the years have decided that they wanted to be able to offer customers everything. This has resulted in Manaira Shopping center becoming the mall that is worth checking out for many people that are interested in visiting the mall and seeing what it has to offer.

Among the unique items they have to offer for people are lounges and concert areas. This makes Manaira Shopping mall an even greater hang out spot than other malls. People can go there for various reasons without being met with any sort of suspicion. They have a ton of offers that people are going to enjoy and be amazed at. Therefore, Manaira is going to have tons of customers that return. They want to take the time to see everything that is there so that they can enjoy it. Another thing is that there is always something being built on top of what is there. Read more on

Even with the common aspects of malls, Manaira Shopping mall offers stores that are unique. For one thing, while people may find the usual clothing stores at Manaira Mall, there are also plenty of other offers that extend beyond the usual fashion. There are some different types of clothes that are available for people that are feeling a little adventurous and want to go exploring in order to find new styles that they might enjoy. This is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of Manaira Shopping mall.

There is one surprising aspect of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. They don’t just provide a place for people to shop and get their entertainment. There are also services that Manaira Shopping offers that is rather rare for a shopping mall to offer. They offer services such as court room and educational services. In other words, people can take care of legal matters at Manaira Shopping. They can also get their education. The best thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is a safe place for people to visit. The security at this place is very helpful. They are also fair when it comes to dealing with people. They don’t want people to feel discriminated against.


When it comes down to it, Manaira Shopping mall is the establishment that people have to visit at least once in their lifetime so that they can see all of the features that it has to offer people. Therefore, people have tons of reasons to enjoy Manaira mall.

Can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Rattle Amazon’s Cage?

Amazon has not been worried about too much as they sit perched in the top spot in the apparel market. Over the last few years, Amazon has been taking in over 20 percent of the sales in this niche, and has widened the gap to the nearest competitor. There appears to be one clothing retailer who is not afraid to rattle Amazon’s cage, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has pulled in over $250 million in sales in this space over three years to put the pressure on the rest of the market.


Hudson talks openly about how her company has exploded in popularity and sales, and it all comes down to a few basics like membership perks and a sales technique known as reverse-showrooming. To get a better understanding as to how this works, we only need to take a peek in the mall at the retail Fabletics stores first. Here you will find women trying on the active-wear, window-shopping for the latest in workout apparel, and even enhancing their memberships by talking the Fablectics lifestyle quiz. Hudson says although her athleisure brand is high-quality, it is a combination of all these moving parts that adds to the success of the brand.


Now we need to take a look at what happens when customers visit the Fabletics e-commerce stores online. If a customer has a membership and has been trying on the workout apparel at the mall, all those items that fit perfectly get moved to the online profile for future consideration. So maybe a customer was too busy in the mall but had time to try on a few things to make sure they fit. Now when they have more time, they log into the e-commerce site and they can shop the vast assortment of active-wear online without concern of items fitting or the stress of being in the mall. These women tend to buy more because they know exactly how they look in those yoga pants or tank tops.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics also rewards their loyal customers with free shipping for those online orders, discounted prices for the workout apparel, and the help of a Fabletics personal shopper who uses those quiz answers to pick an item each month they think you will love, then adds it to the car for consideration. Unlike eBay or Amazon where everyone gets the same treatment, at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics you are a valued part of the family and you are rewarded as such.